Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wing Nut by MJ Auch

This is another book that I feel the students might pass over. It's a shame too because the characters are so likable and the story is very enjoyable.

Grady and his mom are moving on to yet another new town. Ever since his dad died, Grady's mom Lila, has been hopping from town to town with Grady. When they end up in rural Pennsylvania, a not-so-kindly older man takes them in. Charlie Fernwald's main objective by having Lila and Grady stay with him is to get his son off his back about having a caretaker. But in the end, Charlie, Grady, and Lila find much more in each other.

Of course, this is sentimental and pretty unrealistic. I think even most people in small towns today wouldn't be this trusting. But it gives you warm fuzzies anyway. And don't we all need those once in a while?

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