Thursday, June 12, 2008

Out of Order by Betty Hicks

This is another of the state award books for this year. It was an o.k. book. Awfully predictable and a bit unrealistic about the kids, but nothing majorally wrong with it.

Perhaps I wasn't really in the mood to read the book, but I was trying to take my mind off the tragedy at the Boy Scout camp nearby. So I turned to my favorite escape, a book.

This story focuses on a family that has recently "merged". There are now four siblings where each had two. (Well, one had three before leukemia claimed the oldest brother.) Obviously, there are relationships that need to be worked out before harmony can exist. I feel slightly as though Hicks missed the boat on some of the harder hitting issues, just barely grazing over them. But, if she was going for a light-hearted look at step-families, than she achieved that. Some kids might feel though that the possibly unrealistic happiness that evolves in the family is something they should be able to achieve in a short time themselves. In fact, it may take some families a much longer time to feel like a close and true family, and certainly it wouldn't happen in a few short months.

Out of Order was an o.k. read. But it's not my top choice to win the award.

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