Saturday, June 7, 2008

Listening for Lions by Gloria Whelan

I've come to accept that my students don't generally vote for the books that I seem to think should win the state award. Listening for Lions is one that I think will get missed by the students, but I really feel is an excellent book.

Complete with an orphan, tragedy, villains, love, and redemption, this book reminds me of a very Dickens or Austen sort of tale. The portion of heroine Rachel's life that takes place in England certainly ensures the tone echoing these great authors. However, over a third of the book takes place in Africa and the quality of the writing and character development still make me think of great classic literature.

Rachel's story is sad and touching; satisfying and full of vivid description. I can easily see why this book was an International Book Award winner.

If you like historical fiction, Dickensian literature, or just good stories of a soul triumphing over adversity, than this will be an excellent read.

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