Saturday, June 21, 2008

Satch and Me by Dan Gutman

I'm almost done with the state award books and then I can read the books I really want to read. Unfortunately, my class starts next week and there's a little thing about my dad getting married....sooooooo...we'll see where I end up with my reading list.

Just like the rest of the books in this series, Satch and Me has our main character, 13-year-old Stosh, traveling back in time to meet a famous baseball player. Stosh and his coach Flip decide to try and discover who the fastest pitcher in baseball ever was. After some research, they decide Satchel Paige is the one they need to focus on. Adventure and good historical information follows as Gutman takes Stosh ans Flip back to 1942 and the Negro League. A pleasant read, this book would catch any young sports fan's attention. While it's certainly not the book with the most bite, it will entertain many of my students.

I'm a purist and I was a little disappointed that Gutman allowed some of the ending to happen the way it happened. The whole time travel thing is a little messy and for someone who watched Star Trek TNG with my mother, I like a little more thought about what happens when messing with the world's time line. But that's also probably why I don't read the whole series of these! All in all, it was a good book though.

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